COVID-19 Policy Statement

In a COVID-19 world, ETS has a strong sense of duty and priority to protect all staff and visitors to ETS as much as possible, and to maintain the working environment as safe as possible for all.  ETS has taken significant actions over the last two years in support of this objective. 


ETS floor area is approximately 5000 ft2, and much of the laboratory area has a roof height of 5m. The number of people on site is typically in the region of 5-8, and even including visitors is rarely above 10.  The available floor area and air volume per person are therefore large.


Never-the-less, a risk analysis has been undertaken, and significant COVID-19 protection routines have been implemented, including;  revision of office and equipment layouts, reduction of office occupancy, implementation of social distancing, revision of some working routines, implementation of upgraded sanitising routines, revision of personnel flow around the building, implementation of a visitor log.  An audit of the preventive measures has also been carried out against a BSI framework.

ETS staff continue with social distancing, and mask wearing when in communal areas, and visitors are requested to do the same. We do everything we can to make our visitors feel comfortable in the COVID-19 scenario.


Working routines are continually under review to ensure that the latest best practice is considered, and BSI documentation and training have been referenced to inform this.


To date and to the best of our knowledge, none of our staff have had COVID-19.

John Fennell

Managing Director

January 2022