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Privacy Policy - November 2020

Environmental Test Services Limited (ETS) is committed to being compliant with EU “General Data Protection Regulations” (GDPR).

GDPR specifically addresses personal data: Therefore, all references to data in this policy refer to personal data.

It is a practical business requirement that ETS holds certain data of all personnel and businesses connected with ETS, including employees, customers, suppliers and accreditation authorities. There is also a legal requirement that ETS holds certain data.

ETS will only hold data for the purpose for which it was intentionally provided. ETS undertakes never to share data with a third party without the permission of the relevant person(s).

All personal data, whether in hard copy or digital form, held by ETS will be held securely. ETS will only hold data after permission has been received by the persons concerned. ETS will periodically review and audit its privacy policy, security and procedures to improve and maintain its compliance with GDPR.

Test records including personal data may be audited by ETS’s accreditation bodies. All customers must accept this fact when instructing ETS to carry out accredited testing. Our accreditation bodies accept that they may need special permission to access work records involving an official security status. In accordance with the rules of our accreditations, ETS will keep all related test records; including personal data of employees and representatives of suppliers and customers of ETS, for a minimum period of 6 years. ETS will normally retain all test records of non-accredited testing by the same rules as for accredited testing.

ETS requires all suppliers, customers and any other business/organisation connected with ETS to respect GDPR. Therefore, any business/organisation that has a business relationship with ETS is required to have an arranged agreement with their representatives that allows their personal data to be provided and retained by ETS as stated in this Privacy Policy.

The GDPR Regulations require that any individual has the right to ask an organisation to view the personal data held about them and subsequently request that data is corrected or deleted.

Any further queries relating to “Privacy” should be referred to Steve Abraham, Laboratory Manager, at ETS (


John Fennell

Managing Director, Environmental Test Services Ltd

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